Is DAT Load Board Truckersedge Still Worth Using? Review (2023)

Is DAT Load Board Truckersedge Still Worth Using

If you’re involved in the trucking industry, you’ve probably heard of the DAT Load Board Truckersedge. It’s the company that invented online load boards in the United States. In this DAT Load Board Review, we look at the pros and cons to see if a DAT load board is legitimate trucking software good enough to justify using on a daily basis or if it is overhyped.

DAT Load Board Truckersedge

DAT Load Board Truckersedge
DAT Load Board Truckersedge

Since its inception many years ago, DAT Load Board has established itself as one of the largest load bookings in North America.

Truckers love DAT Load Board since it allows them to book loads, discover the best load rates, and successfully attract fresh clients for drivers as well as owner-operators.

This is why DAT has grown at an incredible rate since its inception.

There’s no denying that DAT load boards are popular, but are they worthwhile? How much can we rely on popular opinion in this case? What distinguishes it from other load board applications, and should you incorporate it into your load booking process?

In this DAT Load Board Review, we will go over the basics of the DAT Load TruckersEdge Board, including what it is, its advantages and disadvantages, customer service, features, and so on.

The DAT Load Board Truckersedge has the most recommendations

DAT TruckersEdgw pro posts over 887,000 loads per day and approximately 226 million loads per year. The DAT TruckerEdge Pro load board has the most load listings of any load board in the United States and Canada. DAT TruckersEdge can help truckers as well as owner-operators gain a competitive advantage.

You can also use TruckersEdge Pro to locate the most in-demand states, counties, and cities, and you can utilize TrIHaul or triangular routing to arrange the best-paying round trips.

What makes the DAT load board the best choice for carriers?

DAT is the leading company in load board apps; they understand the needs of truckers and owner-operators. They provide trucking companies with robust, data-driven, convenient, and easily accessible solutions.

This is the reason why DAT TruckersEdge is the undisputed leader in load-board technology, allowing you to make decisions based on comprehensive resources as well as up-to-date data.

Nobody in the industry provides such flexibility and robustness.

You can do the following with the best load boards:

  • Conduct an unlimited number of searches and posts
  • Find the best loads to satisfy your requirements.
  • Look for freight wherever you are.
  • Effectively negotiate with brokers

What can a freight load board provide?

What can a freight load board provide?
What can a freight load board provide?

Every year, the DAT load board receives millions of exclusive listings. This is why DAT TruckersEdge outperforms other freight matching boards in terms of load selection.

Using the robust, dependable, and feature-rich DAT load board will automatically provide you with an edge in the trucking industry.

You are able to view the best loads as soon as they become available, as well as see the load’s rate per mile before it is uploaded on any other platforms.

How can DAT’s load boards benefit my company?

DAT TruckersEdge subscription has intelligent, robust, and productive features that help to generate high profits in a seamless manner. You can both find and hunt. Using DAT TruckersEdge, you can negotiate as well as pull good loads.

You are able to view average lane rates as well as rate per mile along your route, and it also has triangular load booking features that improve your rate per mile. You can also view the credit record and payment days of brokers/shippers in order to enhance your load payment as well as avoid late payments.

What makes the DAT Load Board Truckersedge a wise purchase?

DAT load boards can assist you in identifying the most suitable loads in North America. DAT provides a variety of tools to help you make an informed choice as to which loads to pull, which shipper as well broker to work with, and so on.

You get the best loads and the most freight volume of any load board in North America. DAT also provides real-time market insights to assist you in making informed decisions.

DAT has a number of subscription levels to suit your interests, and experience, as well as the desired level of commitment.


If you are just starting out, load boards are a useful tool for discovering loads. DAT Load Board Truckersedge, in particular, has industry-leading features such as average Lane rates, average outbound and inbound traffic from a spot, and so on.

As a truck owner-operator or trucker, you can also establish relationships with high-paying shippers or brokers as well as haul their loads directly before they are posted to a load board. Follow the money, and once you’re known by brokers or shippers, you’ll be contacted directly for hauling loads to and from.

The DAT load board is a lifeblood for a new-to-market owner-operator because it provides the best dollar per mile for both to and from hauls. As a newcomer, make the most of the load board to enhance your average lane charge.

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