Box Data Room: Securely Store Important Data In 2023

A number of fundamental capabilities are provided by the Content Cloud software package, which includes Box Data Room, to manage content and streamline transactions. It satisfies the requirements of a variety of parties and businesses, including private individuals, corporate transactions, small businesses, huge projects, governments, and the public sector. Large businesses in the financial and medical industries make up the majority of its clients. More than 8 million users are active. In this article, will provide you with some information about that data room.

Box Data Room: What is it?

Box Data Room
Box Data Room

Sensitive company data, notably papers and materials, can be stored, managed, and shared with this system. Box data rooms can be utilized effectively during M&A and due diligence processes, as well as other essential activities: if you need a location to store your papers for a limited amount of time, that’s exactly what you need.

What is the process? Simple ordering of the data room, delivery of a cloud server, uploading of content in various formats, and selection of user access settings are all that is required. Following that, authorized users may:

  • Examining and downloading materials;
  • Viewing documents
  • Coworkers and edit items.

Why use a data room for an M&A? It is the most economical choice available at this time and combines ease of use with maximum safety.

Box Data Room Features

Box Data Room
Box Data Room

Box focuses on file sharing for individual users, but the combination of its capabilities makes this product particularly excellent for business applications; it’s ideal for team collaboration and file access regardless of the location of team members. The most notable qualities are:

  • With logotypes and colors, you can completely customize your workstation and documents.
  • Access the printing and previewing time restrictions and expiration options.
  • Automation of work
  • E-signing.
  • Updates to the document are announced.
  • Large uploads.
  • Linked documents.

Additionally, you can benefit from live online training, private lessons, webinars, and 24/7 customer support, in addition to a wide selection of virtual data room services.

Security measures and certifications of compliance

Box Data Room
Box Data Room

The Box data room provides a number of security compliance solutions. Which are:

  • Box Shield uses security precautions and sophisticated threat detection to stop data breaches.
  • To control document security and carry out protected discovery, use Box Governance.
  • To meet multi-regional data residency requirements, use box zones.
  • To manage encryption keys, use Box Keysafe.
  • Data privacy, to safeguard sensitive information, and to adhere to the GDPR and CCPA
  • Industry compliance: to adhere to stringent standards set by FINRA, HIPAA, and GxP
  • To monitor user behavior, manage access, cancel access, and maintain security, use IT and the admin console.

Price in a box

Box Data Room
Box Data Room

Box has a per-user price structure with pre-configured feature settings spread across many packages. Users of the Box platform, particularly those who use it as a virtual data room, can choose from four subscription packages:

  • Business

This strategy is ideal for small organizations that need a simple answer for transient tasks. The plan requires a minimum of three users and permits data uploads of up to 5 GB.

  • Business Plus

This plan includes sophisticated search filters and metadata templates in addition to the features of the previous package. And 15 GB of data storage have been added.

  • Enterprise.

Users with enterprise plans benefit from features like document watermarking, adjustable password policy enforcement, and HIPAA compliance. Additionally, this plan permits file storage of up to 50 GB.

  • Enterprise Plus.

For businesses that want to provide the data room with more capabilities, this fully customizable option is available. For instance, customers and companies requiring higher degrees of protection, like governmental organizations or investment banks, The Enterprise Plus package has 150 GB of storage space.

Before deciding to continue using Box, new customers can test out the data room tools for free for 14 days with each of the aforementioned subscription options.

The benefits and drawbacks of a Box Data Room

Box Data Room
Box Data Room

Do you want to know if Box M&A data room is appropriate for your company? Let’s review this virtual data room’s benefits and drawbacks.

The benefits

  • Web-based, installation-based, and cloud solutions are all options.
  • Easy management of a secure data room.
  • Doesn’t need a lot of training.
  • Native integration for many cloud applications.

The drawbacks

  • You cannot test out all of the data room features during the free 14-day trial due to its limitations.
  • Back-end reporting falls short of what is required.
  • The inability to control certain features and functions
  • On rare occasions, slow file loading

Customer service

Box Data Room
Box Data Room

Customers of Box’s virtual data room have access to three tiers of support:

  • Standard: During regular business hours, the Box support staff provides standard help via the online platform.
  • Premier: During regular business hours, telephone support is part of premier support.
  • Enhanced: Enterprise Plus customers have access to enhanced phone support around the clock.


The aforementioned technologies aid in lowering financial and reputational risks without hindering your company’s operations. They also raise staff members’ understanding of security protocols, which increases overall accountability.

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