Apple’s most “tablety” iPad plummets below Cyber Monday pricing

Apple’s 2022 10.9-inch iPad which was released a little over a month ago is currently on sale at Amazon at below Cyber Monday pricing.
With so much emphasis on flashy specs that the average person doesn’t need, it’s easy to get coerced into buying a pricey gadget that’s overkill for you. That’s why, the basic iPad may not sound as appealing as the more expensive iPad Air and iPad Pro, but it’s the perfect fit if all you want is a tablet that’s excellent at being a tablet, and not a laptop-grade slate.

The 2022 iPad is a complete overhaul over the previous variant and has a modern design with uniform bezels, squared-off edges, and a lock button embedded Touch ID scanner.

It is underpinned by the in-house A14 Bionic chip which is perfectly fast for tablet use cases and is fully capable of running various apps side by side and is also great for playing demanding games. Also, despite not being meant for office tasks, the basic iPad can also handle moderate workloads such as typing a document and light graphics work.

The screen is a good size for casual everyday tasks, media consumption, schoolwork, and gaming and the battery life is an impressive 10 hours. It comes with a USB-C port for charging and connecting accessories.

10.9-inch iPad 2022 64GB WiFi

10.9-inch Liquid Retina display | A14 Bionic chip | USB-C | Landscape 12MP ultrawide camera | 12MP rear camera | All-day battery life

Basically, there is very little to not like about the iPad and it has everything you could want in an affordable tablet, which makes it the best slate for most people. Since this is an Apple slate, there is the added advantage of having access to a vast library of apps.
With a starting price of $449, the 2022 iPad was already the logical choice for those who wanted an impeccable tablet experience at a palatable price. Amazon has discounted it by 30 bucks, so it’s retailing for only $419 at the moment. It’s nothing to scoff at since this iPad was launched only recently and it’s a pretty decent discount for a tablet that was not expensive, to begin with.

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Apple's most tablety tablet plummets below Cyber Monday pricing

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