Apple Watch 8 release date, price, and features

On September 7th, Apple’s latest iteration of its signature Apple Watch wearable made its debut alongside the iPhone 14 lineup. Apple actually announced three separate devices: an Apple Watch 8, a more affordable Apple Watch SE 2nd Gen, and finally, stole the show with the rugged Apple Watch Ultra, the first of its kind. The latter is a more durable and long-lasting version of the Apple Watch, suitable for more adventurous individuals. 

The Apple Watch is currently the most popular smartwatch across the globe, and by a wide margin at that. Get this – in 2021 alone, Apple had a 30% share of the smartwatch market, with Samsung trailing as the second-best company with a smaller, 10% share. This is huge, and makes the Watch Series 8 generation that much more important.

We’ve included all of the relevant information on the Apple Watch 8, the Apple Watch SE, and Apple Watch Ultra, including our reviews, right below! 

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Apple Watch 8 release date

The Apple Watch 8 was unveiled on September 7, at Apple’s Far Out event, alongside the iPhone 14-series and the AirPods Pro 2. The Apple Watch 8, Apple Watch SE went on sale on September 16, while the Apple Watch Ultra will be available slightly later on – on September 23. All new Apple Watch models were available for pre-order immediately after the Far Out event concluded on September 7. 

Apple Watch 8 price

The Apple Watch 8 starts at $399 for the regular, GPS-only version, and at $499 for the base GPS + cellular version. It should be noted that these are the prices of the 41mm version. In comparison, the Apple Watch SE begins at $249 for the GPS-only model, while the GPS+Cellular one will cost you $299. The Apple Watch Ultra is Apple’s most expensive wearable to date – it is priced at a whopping $799, with only one variant available. 

Apple Watch 8 versions

There are currently two distinct Apple Watch 8 versions:

  • Apple Watch 8 (41mm)
  • Apple Watch 8 (45mm)
Speaking of completely different models, as mentioned already, we have:

Apple Watch SE 2nd Gen (40mm)
Apple Watch SE 2nd Gen (44mm)
Apple Watch Ultra (49mm)
And what are the differences between the aluminum and stainless steel versions? Mainly, the feel and overall sturdiness of the smartwatch’s case, the available colors, as well as the pricing, of course—the stainless steel is more expensive than the standard aluminum one. 

Apple Watch 8 specs

Here are the specs for the Apple Watch 8, Apple Watch SE, and Apple Watch Ultra.

Apple Watch 8 Reviews

Our Apple Watch 8 and Apple Watch Ultra reviews are live. Here’s where to find them:.
  • Apple Watch 8 review — The  new Apple Watch flagship, comprising most of the new features with a still acceptable pricing. 
  • Apple Watch SE 2 (2022) review — The affordable new Apple Watch comes with slightly refreshed hardware but still in the same old case. 
  • Apple Watch Ultra review — Apple’s most advanced wearable, suitable for adventurous individuals that often push it to the limit.

Apple Watch 8 comparisons

When it comes to comparisons, we’ve got the Apple Watch Series 8 vs Apple Watch Series 7 one, which will show you a possible upgrade path. 

In what colors is the Apple Watch 8 available?

The Apple Watch 8 comes in a slew of colors, depending on the material that makes up the case. For example, the entry-level aluminum version is available in Midnight, Starlight, Product RED, and Silver. Meanwhile, the stainless steel version is available in Graphite, Silver, and Gold. Finally, the Hermes edition is available in Silver and Space Black. 
The Apple Watch SE will be available in Midnight, Starlight, Silver.
Finally, the superb Apple Watch Ultra comes in Natural Titanium only. Hopefully, Apple would release a new color option at its traditional spring events early in 2023. As a reminder, the iPhone 13 scored a hot-new color in early 2022, so there’s hope that the Apple Watch Ultra could do the same.

What are the best Apple Watch deals?

Some of the best Apple Watch deals right now can shed off a significant amount off of the wearables, with a trade-in required. We’ve rounded up the best Apple Watch Series 8 deals available right now for all the juicy details. With Black Friday fast approaching, we expect discounts on many Apple Watch models, including price reductions on the Apple Watch Series 8 as well. 

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