8 Common Problem With Electric Vehicles and How to fix them?

Using electric motorbikes makes many people feel afraid because they often encounter some errors that they do not know how to handle. So let us quickly summarize some Common Problem With Electric Vehicles, to help you better understand the causes and how to fix them!

Electric vehicles, increasingly popular for their environmental friendliness and modern styling, are becoming more and more eye-catching. In the process of use, electric cars, like other means of transport, often encounter some errors that are difficult for users to handle. This article will quickly summarize the following Common Problem With Electric Vehicles and how to fix them:

8 Common Problem With Electric Vehicles and How to fix them?

1. Vehicle lost power

Power failure in an electric vehicle is the most Common Problem With Electric Vehicles, it may be due to a broken wire, a fuse, a short circuit of a conductive part, etc. battery from when you do not know.


Loss of vehicle power is common in electric vehicles: overloading, going on flooded roads, and long-time trams.
The manifestation of the car’s power failure is that the parts are not working such as when you start the gas, honk the horn, or turn on the lights,…

How to fix: Please turn off the power of the car and take the car to a shop, or an electric car shop near your house to have it checked and repaired.

Common Problem With Electric Vehicles

2. The car lights are still on but the car is not running

Electric vehicle users may also experience the case that the car lights are on but cannot start the throttle, possibly due to a number of errors as follows:

  • The battery is weak and has reached the end of its life.
  • Faulty throttle.
  • The defective handbrake cut off power.
  • The dashboard is broken, the car engine has a problem, etc.

How to fix:

  • The Common Problem With Electric Vehicles is caused by the battery, so replace the battery with a new one and the right brand to avoid damaging the car when operating.
  • Error due to the throttle, then you need to replace the new throttle.
  • The fault is due to the brake hand being disconnected from the power, please release the two brake levers all the way, wait for a little and then start the car again because it may be because you have not fully released the brake when you stop the car.

In the end, the best way to fix it is that you can ask the experts in the warranty center, and reputable electric vehicle dealers to check and repair it.

3. The car is short of electricity

Many people are subjective about using electric cars when the weather turns bad, such as rain, strong wind, thunder, flooding, or even improper washing of electric vehicles, all these causes make water creep into the internal parts of the vehicle (especially the battery), causing an electrical short.

In addition, infrequent maintenance and vehicle maintenance will cause the internal wiring harnesses to become more and more directly frictional, also causing a short circuit.

How to fix:

  • Do not use trams when it rains too heavily, roads are flooded, blizzards, strong gusts of wind, etc.
  • Avoid exposing the battery and engine to water, or soaking in water for too long.
  • Regular maintenance and periodic maintenance of electric vehicles.

4, The lights are not on and the vehicle is not running

The condition of the car lights is not on and the car is not working, you can fix it for each of the following reasons:

  • Connections between parts, jacks broken or loose: At this point, you should check the connection between the parts, and adjust and re-plug the jack to make sure the connection wire is not loose.
  • Broken fuse: The fuse is easily broken when the car works too much, to fix it, you need to use a small piece of wire to temporarily reconnect. Then, go home or go to the store to make connections or replace the fuse (if necessary).
  • Jump ap-to-mat: During the operation of the vehicle, it may cause the automat to jump, so the tram will be turned off. At this time, you need to check that the electric car automat is in ON mode.
  • Damaged battery: The battery needs to be replaced with a new one at a reputable store.
  • Faulty electric lock: It is also common for the lock to flicker, you need to turn it on and on until it works normally. After that, go to the nearest electric car shop, or dealer to repair or replace the new electric lock.

Common Problem With Electric Vehicles

5. The gas is still on but can’t run

Often the Common Problem With Electric Vehicles of getting on the gas but not being able to run is due to a broken brake wire, weak battery, damaged throttle, damaged motor (or controller), or damaged contact wire (poor quality). You can see that other parts are still working normally (such as lights, horns, and turn signals are still working), but turning the throttle will not work, even running for a while and then stopping completely.

How to fix: Should turn off the power and walk to the store, or electric vehicle dealer for the best support.

6. The car jerks (when accelerating), accelerates slowly, accelerates without moving

Common Problem With Electric Vehicles

If the electric scooter is shocked when accelerating, accelerating slowly, or accelerating without moving, it may be due to a damaged speed control IC, because:

  • Waterproof: With some electric vehicles, the IC is designed at the bottom of the car, so it is easy to get water in. In addition, it may be because the IC jack is not tight, causing water (especially when washing the car) to get inside, causing damage to the IC.
  • The vehicle’s electrical system is weak and slow, making the electricity not enough to provide enough for the vehicle to operate, leading to a damaged speed regulator IC.
  • The battery is damaged, or the charge exceeds the specified current.

How to fix: Replace the new speed regulator IC part, and choose the right brand and suitable for the model of the vehicle.


Hopefully, the above information, in our article has helped you better understand some Common Problem With Electric Vehicles as well as their causes and how to fix them.

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