10 Amazing Benefit of Mobile Phone In This Day And Age

Mobile phones have long been an essential part of modern life, with such popularity that everyone has at least one in their pocket or bag, except for children. So why have phones become so popular? The answer is due to its convenience as well as its multi-functional factor. Over the past few decades, mobile phones have completely changed the way we live. In this article, we will explore the benefit of mobile phone.

What is a mobile phone? 

A mobile phone, also known as a cellular network or a hand-held telephone, is an electrical device used for full-duplex two-way radio telecommunications over a cellular network of base stations called a mobile station. Mobile phones bring many conveniences to people’s lives. While cell phones can be useful, they must be used properly to avoid problems. When people abuse cell phones, they are creating unwanted stress and pose serious health risks. So what is the benefit of mobile phone? Find out in the next section of the article.

What is a mobile phone? 

The amazing benefit of mobile phone

The use of smartphones has many positive sides. They are no longer just communication devices but also have countless other advantages. We’ve rounded up some of the key benefit of mobile phone below:

Communication tools

The main benefit of using cell phones is that they make communication easier and faster. You can text, voice call, or video call your family, friends and loved ones anytime you want. Before cell phones, it was very difficult for people to contact each other. They have to send mail and it takes a long time to receive.

Effective education

Next, mobile phones can be used to gather knowledge or information on various topics. You can choose to study online with the abundant resources available on the internet. During the COVID-19 pandemic, online classes are more useful than ever. In addition, there are many educational applications that can be installed on mobile phones.

Social media

In this day and age, mobile phones are used not only for calling purposes but also for entertainment. More and more communication applications were born, typically Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter…Social network lovers can share images and emotions with people directly from their mobile phones. People can also watch movies online, listen to music as well as play games online. Many people can also make money through social media.

Useful in emergency situations

The next benefit of mobile phone is emergency situations. In today’s world, criminal activities occur frequently and in many different forms. You can use your phone as the fastest means of communication for loved ones or the police to ask for help in the event of an unforeseen incident.

Online Banking

Through a mobile phone, it is easy to access bank accounts, check account status and transfer funds from one bank to another. People can also pay electricity and other bills via mobile phones.

Online Banking

Monitor and improve your health

One of the best things you can do is optimize your phone so that it can turn into a fitness tracker just by using specialized apps. They even offer meal plans, various workout programs and videos that you can watch and learn from, and a digital diary of your progress so far…

Have a huge memory

With the huge storage space on mobile devices these days, you can store hundreds of important music, files, or hundreds of photos and videos on your mobile phone. You can even store entire TV series on your phone for easy access, which makes a phone or device an attractive option for those on the go.

Online shopping

There are many applications on mobile phones, Daraz, Amazon, Alibaba, and Ali Express,… through which we can easily access with the help of the internet on mobile phones and shop at home. No need to go out and struggle to shop, we can fulfill all our needs just by using our mobile phones.

Update hot news frequently

In the past, it was difficult for everyone to stay up-to-date with live events in real-time. But today, with just a mobile phone, anyone can catch up on the hottest news happening around the globe. Many live events can now be watched via video as well as text. In addition, ordinary people can use their phones to take photos and videos at important events.

Update hot news frequently

Other features

In addition, mobile phones also include countless other useful features such as cameras, flashlights, calculators, reminders, GPS location, etc. Previously we had to use cameras to record moments. memorable engraving, but now it can be done with mobile phones. Now, mobile phones have both front and back cameras, thanks to which we can take selfies. If we need to calculate an invoice or some calculations, there is a calculator feature.

We can set alarms and reminders on our mobile for important appointments or notes so as not to miss all our scheduled tasks. Not to mention location tracking, Mobile Phone provides us with information about our current location and destination. We can choose a destination on the map and it will show us the way, and also suggest to us the shortest route and estimated time to get there.

Other features

Some drawbacks of mobile phones

  • Sometimes a cell phone is an annoying device that creates a distraction between your tasks.
  • While cell phones are useful in many different ways, it is one of the biggest wastes of time.
  • Mobile phone addiction (also known as Nomophobia)
  • Being bullied on social media
  • Security concerns cause a lot of headaches for people.
  • Excessive cell phone use causes health problems (vision, hearing, insomnia ..)
  • Causes isolation in social relationships
  • Mobile phones can also be dangerous, sometimes in high-temperature environments or using a mobile phone while it is being charged, its battery can explode causing danger to the user.


The mobile phone is one of the most important and proud inventions in modern society. The benefit of mobile phone is indisputable. It has provided a means of communicating, updating information and staying connected with others. However, besides the positive sides, there are also some negatives that users need to know how to balance and use mobile phones properly.

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